Sky Labyrinth is an action-packed maze-puzzler with the mechanics of your favorite autorunners. Start each maze by mysteriously falling out of the sky; given an overhead view of the maze they are about to navigate, you can quickly plan your escape. The objective of each maze is to break free of the containment field and escape as fast as possible! While traversing each maze, players collect and return StratoSpheres, tokens that will eventually overload the containment field, all while solving puzzles and avoiding obstacles to survive. When enough StratoSpheres are collected the maze explodes in grandiose fashion as you through to the next level.

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Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Tags3D, labyrinth, maze, puzzle

Install instructions

Download and unzip the build for your operating system.

When you run the Unity executable application your antivirus may automatically block or scan the game, be sure to allow the scan to finish or unblock the program.


SkyLab v0.18.3b Linux Universal (91 MB)
SkyLab v0.18.3b Win x64 (78 MB)
SkyLab v0.18.3b Win x86 (76 MB)
SkyLab v0.18.3b OSX Universal (91 MB)

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