A downloadable game for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Sky Labyrinth is a 3D maze-puzzle game with the mechanics of your favorite endless runners. Players start each maze by mysteriously falling out of the sky, choosing where they land. The objective of each maze is to escape before a set of doors closes the exit forever. Players traverse each maze to collect and return Strato Spheres - tokens that buy the player more time and eventually unlock the exit - all while solving puzzles and avoiding obstacles to survive. Returning many Strato Spheres at once multiplies player score, but not without risk - trying for too many may take too much time and cause the player to be trapped! When enough Strato Spheres are collected, the exit opens and the player falls through into the next maze. During each fall, the player will see a bird's eye view of the next maze and influence where in the maze they land.

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Published247 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux
Tags3D, labyrinth, maze, puzzle
Player countSingleplayer


SkyLab_v0.9b_OSXuniversal.app.zip (92 MB)
SkyLab_v0.9_LinuxUniversal.zip (91 MB)
SkyLab_v0.9b_Winx64.zip (79 MB)
SkyLab_v0.9b_Winx86.zip (78 MB)