Sky Labyrinth is a 3D maze-puzzle game with the mechanics of your favorite endless runners. Players start each maze by mysteriously falling out of the sky, choosing where they land. The objective of each maze is to break free of the containment field and escape as fast as you can! Players traverse each maze to collect and return StratoSpheres - tokens that eventually break the containment field - all while solving puzzles and avoiding obstacles to survive. Returning many StratoSpheres at once multiplies player score, when enough StratoSpheres are collected the exit opens and the player falls through into the next maze. During each fall, the player will see a bird's eye view of the next maze and control where in the maze they land.

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Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Tags3D, labyrinth, maze, puzzle

Install instructions

Download the Desktop builds below or Play on Android here!


SkyLab v0.17b LinuxUniversal (93 MB)
SkyLab v0.17b Win x86 (78 MB)
SkyLab v0.17b Win x64 (80 MB)
SkyLab v0.17b OSX Universal (92 MB)